What we offer

  • Private computer instruction in your home or our office.
    Ghostwriting and editing, proofreading. Resume help.
  • College application essay editing and idea formation.
    Help with printing, wifi, hubs, and technical assistance.
  • Desktop publishing and digital photography and editing.
    Email, Skype, Google, Word, Pages, iTunes, web browsers
    Create blogs, newsletters, Facebook pages, join Pinterest.
  • Smartphones, iPads, online books, online books, music.
    Online shopping, banking, cloud drives, maps,and Google.
  • We offer confidential and patient help with any digital skill you need.

Do you feel lost when using your computer, smart phone, or tablet?

Do you need help with email, online shopping, texting, Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy,  Pandora, Netflix, Apple TV, Mint, Twitter, Hulu, Linked-in, or Google?

Would you like to learn how to Skype, buy anything online using Ebay, Amazon and others or to pay all your bills safely online?

Are you interested in learning about digital photography, creating your own music, writing a book, editing your own movie, creating an audio or video podcast for a real audience or maybe just your friends?

Do you need an editor? Someone to help you create or write a blog or book? Do you want open your own online store or business?

Are you still trying to set your clock on your VCR? You need to call us NOW!