I bought my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, when I was about ten years old. It used 126 cartridge film and took a fair amount of my paper route money to buy and develop the twenty snapshots.

My first film, a silent three minute Super 8mm movie, “Blizzard!” was a documentary loosely based on the effects of a big winter storm on our neighborhood. It was a huge hit in the “Under age ten cousin” demographic, but produced no offers from Hollywood.

I have always worked in education and media. My first job before college was as a photography intern with a daily newspaper-the same company as my paper route from six years earlier. As much as I enjoyed photo journalism, I was drawn more to the artistic side of images and finding beauty in the simplicity of nature and the lure of somewhere exotic, undiscovered and unknown. This site provides a fraction and a narrow sliver of the kinds of work I enjoy shooting.

If you like photography and painting, check out my Handmade Shop at Amazon.



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